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Lithium-ion battery production has been steadily increasing due to the growing demand for electric cars, portable electronics, and more.  The great majority have not caused their users problems, as Lithium battery failure is thankfully rare; however, the increased demand for lithium-ion batteries brings along an increased risk of explosion, fire, and personal injury.

Lithium-ion batteries have transformed modern life, but their potential for fires demands a proactive legal response. McDonald & Cody’s dedicated trial attorneys are prepared to advocate for victims of lithium-ion battery fires and to get you the compensation that you deserve!


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Products associated with Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

Lithium-ion batteries have become widely used in various products due to their high energy density and rechargeable capabilities. Here are some products associated with incidents of exploding lithium-ion batteries:

Overheating and battery fires in smartphones and tablets have received significant media attention in the past. Faulty batteries, improper charging practices, or manufacturing defects can lead to these incidents.

Similar to smartphones, laptops and notebooks can experience battery-related issues that lead to overheating and, in extreme cases, explosions. This can result from manufacturing defects, physical damage, or charging problems.

Hoverboards, also known as self-balancing scooters, gained notoriety for instances of exploding batteries. Poor-quality batteries, inadequate safety features, and charging problems were common culprits.

Some incidents have been reported involving exploding e-cigarettes or vaping devices due to battery-related malfunctions. Battery safety is crucial in these devices, as mishandling or using incorrect chargers can lead to dangerous situations.

Electric scooters and bicycles powered by lithium-ion batteries have also been associated with battery fires. Poor-quality batteries, overcharging, and improper maintenance can contribute to these incidents.

Cheap or poorly designed power banks and portable chargers may lack sufficient safety mechanisms, increasing the risk of battery-related incidents.


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What to do after a Lithium-Ion Battery Injury?

f you or someone else has suffered an injury due to a lithium-ion battery-related incident, it’s important to take immediate steps to ensure safety, seek medical attention, and preserve evidence for any potential legal actions.

  • If you or someone else is injured, call for emergency medical help immediately.
  • Even if injuries seem minor, it’s important to have a medical professional assess the extent of the damage. Some injuries, like burns or inhalation injuries, might not be immediately apparent.

If possible, take photographs of the scene, including the device or object involved, any visible damage, and any injuries sustained.

If applicable, retain the battery, device, or product that caused the injury as evidence. Do not attempt to tamper with or repair the device yourself.

If you believe the incident was caused by a defective product, negligence, or other factors, consult with one of our experienced trial attorneys to ensure you’re taking appropriate actions to protect your well-being and your legal rights. 

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