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Maintaining your oral health is important. You trust your dentist to ensure you get the dental care you need to prevent health issues. However, in some cases, the dentist or dental team can be the cause of dental or medical problems. When errors or negligence occur at the dentist that cause you or your family members injuries or health issues, the dental malpractice trial attorneys at McDonald & Cody will be on your side to fight for your rights through a dental malpractice lawsuit.

Many dental procedures are routine, and most people undergo them as part of their oral health care without any ill effects. Tooth extractions, dental implants, root canals and anesthesia are commonly performed at dental offices without unnecessary harm to patients. However, when the standard procedures for preventing injury are not followed, patients can be seriously injured. They may need to undergo months of additional medical and dental care, causing them pain, illness, lost time from work and many additional expenses.


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dental malpractice claim

To make a successful case for dental malpractice claim, there are a few facts the injured patient must indicate:

A dentist-patient relationship must have been established.

The medical standard of care refers to the level of care a similarly skilled dentist would have provided given identical circumstances. This is typically established by an expert medical witness who has experience with the procedure in question.

Prove that your dentist caused your injury or made an existing condition worse through their actions or in-actions. An expert medical witness can likewise help in establishing specifically how care was breached, such as by outlining which steps should have been taken to prevent the injury.

You will need documentation of the nature and extent of your injury.

Contact sports, such as football, wrestling and rugby, are dangerous even for highly trained players. One wrong move, or a bad hit, can leave a player paralyzed.


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Injuries suffered as a result of a Dental Malpractice.

Many victims of dental malpractice suffer serious injuries such as:

  • Serious infections of the mouth, tongue, or brain
  • Permanent injuries to the nerves in their mouth, tongue, lips, jaw, and face
  • Significant scarring or disfigurement
  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Heart attack or stroke
  • Other catastrophic injuries
  • Wrongful death

Compensation for Damages of Dental Malpractice

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