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Explosion Trial Attorneys

The cause of a fire or explosion may be negligent building owners, property managers, landlords, building designers, or fault product manufacturing. Depending upon a fire’s cause, the product manufacturer of electrical equipment, circuits, wiring, heaters or grills may be responsible. 

Unless you or someone else deliberately misused your gas equipment, there’s a good chance the explosion was caused by a negligent provider or other company, not your own errors or bad luck.

When a company’s negligence harms someone, the victim is almost always the most convenient person for the company to blame. The best way to protect yourself is to start working with a qualified propane explosion trial attorney or natural gas explosion trial attorney as soon as possible. That way, you can have the explosion thoroughly investigated by someone other than the gas company, and you’ll be fully informed of your rights at all times.


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Common injuries from
gas explosions

Natural gas is a combustive substance and can cause several injuries. Some of them are mild, but it is possible to lose your life in an explosion. You could be looking at a recovery time of a few weeks to a few months for more severe injuries. Some of the most common injuries include:

There are different degrees of burns which are more serious. So, a third-degree burn is more severe than a first-degree burn. A third-degree burn could require months of treatments and skin grafts.

When you think of explosions, you think of loud noises and things flying everywhere. So, imagine that you were actually on the scene. A blast wave can hurl machinery, shrapnel, and people across the ground. Just the pressure of the stream can also cause internal injuries as well as bruising.

Once an explosion happens, it is reasonable to breathe in contaminated air. The air after a blast is heated up. So, breathing this superheated air into your lungs can damage the tissues in your respiratory tract.


If you or a family member have been seriously injured or died in an explosion, our trial attorneys can help!

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What Are the Primary Causes of an Explosion?

Frequent causes of an explosion in an industrial or plant setting are:

  • Malfunctioning machinery
  • Fire and lightning
  • The corrosion of parts
  • Smoking around flammable or unstable substances
  • The use of impure or dirty chemicals
  • Faulty labeling of chemicals
  • The failure of plant supervisors to follow safety regulations

Our explosion trial attorneys have the experience needed to provide an immediate response, deal with governmental officials if required, handle issues concerning the continuation of work and address all other matters that arise during a catastrophe.

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