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There aren’t many things that are more terrifying than an aviation crash or accident. The intense impact often leads to extremely serious physical injuries. With complicated legal issues and evidentiary challenges, few attorneys have the experience and knowledge to competently handle aviation disaster cases. The trial attorneys of McDonald & Cody extensively investigates each aviation accident case, through review of National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reports, collecting pertinent evidence, and interviewing expert investigations to find the cause of the accident.

Whether it’s the pilot, airplane manufacturer, airline, or airport who’s to blame, we can help you hold them accountable and fight to maximize your financial recovery.



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In any type of aviation accident, you will need extensive documentation and a well-formed strategy to recover compensation. We obtain this documentation and use our experience with aviation law to craft successful trial strategies in cases involving situations such as:

These incidents occur when a commercial airline plane crashes. The tragic accidents often involve numerous victims and several responsible parties.

These accidents often involve privately owned airplanes piloted by the owner or provided to a pilot for a particular flight. Though these flights involve fewer passengers, the level of injury and damage can still prove devastating.

Many large corporations maintain private jets to facilitate more convenient business travels. When accidents occur, it can prove challenging to identify all responsible parties.

Helicopters are utilized in a variety of industries, including extensive use among oil and gas companies. Crashes are particularly dangerous, often leading to serious bodily injuries or death for the passengers and bystanders in the area of the accident.


We have experience in aviation litigation and products liability litigation. So call today if you are a victim of an aviation crash or accident.

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The philosophy at McDonald & Cody, LLC is to provide maximum results, one client at a time. We are dedicated to our cases and strive for quick, full and maximum compensation.


You can afford a top notch trial attorney. Our clients don't pay anything unless we win their case, either by receiving a settlement or a jury verdict.

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We have the financial wherewithal to litigate every case to its conclusion, so you will never be forced to accept an unsatisfactory settlement because your law firm is hurting for cash.

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Each client’s case gets the individual attention and focus that makes sure that it is thoroughly prepared and the value maximized.

What costs can an aviation accident claim pay?

Aviation crash and accident victims are entitled to recover all of the costs related to their accident.  If a victim died in the accident, his or her spouse or children can recover for their losses.

  • Medical costs, including doctors and hospitals
  • Prescription drug costs
  • The cost of physical or rehabilitative treatment
  • The cost of mental health treatment relating to the accident, including treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Lost pay, if you lost time from work because of the accident
If you were injured in an accident, these costs will help you pay for your treatment and support yourself and your family through your recovery.  But if your loved one died in the accident, money can never replace what you have lost.  The money awarded in the case can only help create financial stability as you handle the aftermath of the accident.  For this reason, the law allows you to recover the full value of the deceased person’s life, including lost wages and benefits, medical and funeral costs, and things that are hard to put a value on, like loss of companionship and the pain and suffering the deceased person experienced. 

What causes aviation accidents?

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