Wrongful Death

A family members sudden death can be totally devastating when it occurs under any circumstances, but when it is as the result of another persons recklessness or negligence, the situation is even more horrific to those involved.


To those families who have lost a loved one because of the negligence or wrongful actions of a company or an individual, the law is designed to provide compensation. Also acted to act in a reasonable manner are big companies and the government. For those families suffering the loss of a loved one, we fight to get fair and full compensation for their loss; included in wrongful death damages are both noneconomic and economic damages(sometimes referred to as special and general damages)for the harm suffered because of a family members wrongful death. And in those cases of wrongful death that involve particularly egregious conduct by a corporation or an individual, to punish those responsible, we seek punitive damages in the hope also that others will not be killed or injured in the future by any similar conduct.


Cases & Results


McDonald & Cody, LLC Has all the tools and the proper experience to help direct you how best to seek justice, and will do so while demonstrating the utmost respect and compassion for the loss you have suffered. For the following clients, we have obtained substantial settlements and verdicts.


  • $1 Million - abuse in nursing home, wrongful death(2009)
  • $1 Million - tractor-trailer, wrongful death(2010)
  • $4 Million - tractor-trailer, wrongful death(2009)
  • $5.47 Million - construction accident, wrongful death(2009)
  • $6 Million - tractor-trailer, wrongful death(2010)
  • $11.1 million - commercial truck wreck, personal injuries and wrongful death(2006)


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