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Notable Recoveries in the Past Five Years:

Motorcycle Accidents


Some Considerations To Take In Regarding Motorcycle Accidents


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There is no question how exciting, and how much fun motorcycles can be. But they are also inherently dangerous as well. The accident rates associated with them are much higher than that of trucks and cars, as are the injuries and fatalities that occur. The fact of the matter is that if you have ever been involved in a motorcycle accident, in all likelihood, your life has changed dramatically, and trying to make ends meet has become a large struggle!


After being injured in a motorcycle accident, the following are consequences often needed to be faced by those involved:


  • Insurance rates increasing
  • Inability to adequately work to make a living
  • Medical bills continue to pile up


It is so vitally important you do not simply accept these consequences and not make every effort to gain the proper compensation you are entitled to receive. And the best chance you have to gain a fair settlement is to get in touch with an Athens, GA motorcycle accidents attorney who has demonstrated a consistent record of winning substantial settlements for their clients.


What It Is That We Do


We never simply settle just to avoid going to trial, and every recovery we do we maximize. Hiring one of our firms Athens, GA motorcycle accident attorneys gains for you the accumulated knowledge gained in seeing more than 300 trials through to their final verdict. Over the past five years, those skills have gained compensation of over $70 million for clients involved.


We truly understand just how much your life is affected when you suffer a serious personal injury. These injuries will very often lead to great hardships financially, severe stress placed onto loved ones and family members, And because of the suffering and permanent pain caused by another driver's negligence, extreme emotional hardships.


Just What We Offer To You


Our number one priority is to provide the very best legal services possible to our clients. The principles that this firm was founded on are behind every action we take in getting prepared for the trial, and every step we take in the court room:


We firmly believe that prompt and personal service be given to all of our clients. We will promptly address all your concerns and questions. We will make every effort to assure you our confident and comfortable with the legal strategy we offer to you.


Our commitment is committed to the achievement of your personal goals. We will always make certain that you clearly understand all options available to you.


Our preparation will always be totally complete and thorough. We know at once whenever laws change, and we know how best to adapt so your representation is always at the cutting-edge of everything.


We make certain our representation will be affordable for you. We do everything possible on our end to cut costs so at reasonable rates we provide only the very best of services possible.


Just Why Should You Select Us?


In our firm, from the bottom to the top experience runs. Each firm member has developed a deep understanding of the law, and has extended experience in the courtroom. Doug McDonald who is our founding member, and all of his partners have collectively won millions of dollars in settlements, and taken hundreds of cases to verdict.


Our high quality of legal services have been recognized by both media publications and our professional peers. At more than 60 national symposiums and seminars our firm partners have been invited to lecture. And we have enjoyed being recognized by The National Law Journal, Super Lawyer Magazine, and so many other noted sites.


Keep these things in mind if you need legal support:


  1. To the very best resources, we have access, including research professionals and expert witnesses.
  3. In the state of Georgia alone, we have experience in more than 300 trials.
  5. For our clients, we have garnered numerous record-setting judgments.


Please visit our offices located conveniently off a Cornelia, Georgia major highway, or call us today for a free evaluation at (706)778-7178. We look forward to hearing from you here at McDonald & Cody!


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If we are not able to settle your case in six months, we will file suit and begin the process of litigation. The philosophy at McDonald & Cody, LLC is to provide maximum results, one client at a time. We are dedicated to our cases and strive for quick, full and maximum compensation. We are committed to our core values of returning phone calls, candid assessments and responsibility.

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