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Who we are

The McDonald & Cody law firm specializes in company auto accidents, trucking-related injuries and Dram Shop Cases in which bars, restaurants, and package stores intentionally and irresponsibly over-serve customers about to get behind the wheel of an automobile. If you or a family member have been harmed in this manner through no fault of your own, McDonald & Cody are here for you. We will treat you like a member of our family, and ensure that you get the personal attention you want and the proven legal representation you need in court. Attorneys who want to help


McDonald & Cody have over 100 years of combined legal experience and are veterans of more than 300 jury trials. Past clients have received more than $56 million in damages. We also have the financial wherewithal to litigate every case to its conclusion, so you will never be forced to accept an unsatisfactory settlement because your law firm is hurting for cash.


In times of crisis, we understand that no amount of money is adequate compensation for the premature loss of a loved one, especially if their demise was brought about by a corporation's sheer greed or criminal neglect. We will seek full compensation for all of the harm you suffered, whether it was economic in nature or not. We are also committed to seeking punitive damages to prevent future misbehavior in all applicable cases, so no one else will ever need to feel the same pain because of a repeat offender. Whether the offender is a big corporation, insurance company, or even the U.S. Government, no entity is too big for us to fight.


We have two offices located in the state of Georgia, and currently represent clients throughout the state including Chatham County in South Georgia, Gordon County in Northwest Georgia, Rabun County in Northeast Georgia and everywhere in between. We never shy away from the major metropolis of Atlanta, either. In addition, we have handled cases throughout the Southern United States, including Kansas, North Carolina, Florida, and Alabama.


The McDonald & Cody law firm has that small town feel that allows them to know each client on a personal level while offering the resources of a massive conglomerate. You get the best of both worlds with McDonald & Cody.




Our advantages





We Keep Our Caseload Small

Over $40 Million Collected

Built on Tradition and Trust

We Believe in Helping You

Each client's case gets the individual attention and focus that makes sure that it is thoroughly prepared and the value maximized.

In just the past 6 years alone for our clients.  A record that only a very few lawyers can match anywhere in the nation.

Our firm is built on a tradition of excellence ad we bring a broad spectrum and wealth of experience to your case.

We will meet with you free of charge, investigate your case and give you an honest and fair answer to all of your questions.

Meet our team

Attorney Douglas W. McDonald
Attorney Gus McDonald
Attorney Sam Sliger

Douglas W. Mcdonald

gus mcdonald

Gerald cody

Sam Sliger

Sam is primarily focused on alcohol related litigation, serious traffic injury and arrest as well as criminal misdemeanors and felonies.

Sam graduated from the University of Georgia.

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Our Philosophy

Personal Injury Lawyer in Alto and Cornelia GA

If we are not able to settle your case in six months, we will file suit and begin the process of litigation. The philosophy at McDonald & Cody, LLC is to provide maximum results, one client at a time. We are dedicated to our cases and strive for quick, full and maximum compensation. We are committed to our core values of returning phone calls, candid assessments and responsibility.

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